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Potřebujete poradit? Zavolejte nám.
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How do I measure myself so I can chose the correct size of post-operative garments? the right size


If you know what type of garments you are buying, search for them in the LIPOELASTIC e-shop where you will find information on what areas to measure.

Then, measure the required areas and find the right size in the size chart.

Tips for Proper Measurement

1. Before you start, remove all your clothes except for underwear so that the measurement is not distorted – it is the only way to get the most accurate results. Also, it is important to stand upright, have a loose belly and breathe naturally.

2. When the measurements are taken, the measuring tape has to be in a horizontal position. The tape must not point downwards or upwards so as not to distort the measurements.

3. When taking measurements, do not tighten the tape around the body: it has to touch the body but it must not be tight or loose.

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