Are you planning a breast surgery?

Do you like
designer brands?

Don’t miss out on our competition!

We run a special competition right now, where you could win a luxury accessory. Interested? Have you seen a movie Devil wears Prada? So in this case it won’t be the devil, but our competition winner, who’s going to wear Prada. Yes, the prize is Prada handbag as shown at the picture. We are announcing this competition together with our favourite model Michaela. You can follow the whole progress on Instagram  b.a.b.i.k.a. Why are we collaborating with Michaela? Because she is also a proud owner of a beautiful bust with Nagor implants.

Are you in?
Dou you want to join and know all the details?

Read carefully!

1.You can take part in this competition if you have a breast enhancement including Nagor implants in Czech Republic between 1. 8. 2018 - 28. 2. 2019

In case you haven’t found your favourite surgeon on the list, ask him to consider Nagor implants. At the end, it is your choice. 😊

Patients who have undergone an operation before 1.8.2018 can’t take part in the competition.

2.After the surgery, you will receive a card with reference number and LOT (unique number of individual implant), which is your ticket to the lottery. Keep it as you will need it for registration.

3.To register, please fill the form here

4.You will see  a notification of successful registration  on your screen.

5.We will announce the winner on 8th March, the International Women’s Day, to make one woman very happy with nothing less than luxury handbag. 😊

6.The winner will receive the prize in person or by post within 7 working days.



So why are Nagor implants the best choice?

nagor arrow The smallest scar possible
Sure you don’t fancy a big scar after an augmentation. Nagor implants are very flexible, so only a small incision is needed to insert them, and that makes it a great choice.

nagor arrow Lower risk of capsular contracture
Thanks to unique Nagotex texture that proves a good adhesion to the tissue, capsular contracture is at low risk.

nagor arrow GCA Comfort Guarantee
An excellent guarantee that covers you for implants’ exchange in case a rupture occurs. More information is here.

nagor arrow Extreme condition tests
Nagor implants can resist extreme conditions as you can watch in a video below.

nagor arrow Wide range of sizes
Nagor offers wide range of sizes and profiles for the best fit.

nagor arrow Precision production
GCA brand is known for the quality of their implants,
all produced in Europe and all individually checked


Do you want to know more about Nagor implants?

  • Download patient’s brochure full of answers about breast enhancement and recovery
  • Inspirational story from the owner of LIPOELASTIC company who has undergone breast enhancement using Nagor implants. What was her experience like and what does she recommend? Read here.
  • Watch an extreme condition test video that proves implants’ quality



Follow b.a.b.i.k.a., lipoelastic_cz, nagor_cz on Instagram to see our clinets’ experiences with Nagor and to find out who is the winner of our competiton!



nagor form arrowForm of competition

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